Welcome to Fife Sax School…

Home of all things saxophone-related in Fife!

We’ve had such a great time getting back into playing together again over the last couple of months. The Saturday sax group has been sounding amazing and we are now open for bookings for next term. New members are warmly welcome to join us playing through a range of music with lots of saxophone-specific guidance and support along the way.

It has also been lovely to welcome students back to the teaching studio in West Wemyss these last couple of months. Zoom has been an invaluable fallback plan, plus it has enabled students as far afield as China to continue with their one-to-one lessons!

If you are thinking about taking up the sax, why not get in touch? We’re always happy to help people who need a hand navigating buying or renting an instrument. We also have gift vouchers for sale which can be used towards one-to-one lessons or ensemble/course fees.