Fife Sax School, Kirkcaldy is part of Fife Music School, and is run by local saxophone player and teacher Ellie Steemson.  There are saxophone lessons, groups and classes on offer for saxophonists of all ages and abilities, including tips and advice on:

  • The basics: choosing an instrument and getting started
  • Reading music
  • Graded music exams
  • Jazz and improvisation
  • Learning scales, arpeggios and patterns
  • General musicianship and theory
  • Learning music of any genre/style

We aim to create a relaxed and welcoming learning environment in order to help every saxophonist to reach their personal goals. Our saxophone lessons are delivered by highly experienced teachers and professional musicians. Whatever your musical interests, we can help you to develop the all-round skills you need to achieve your ambitions.  

In addition to developing the technical skills needed to play the sax, we will also help you to develop the all-round musical skills needed to play whatever interests you the most.

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